Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kitty Kingdom

Today Ashley and I made these crosses.  They were more difficult than I thought they would be to make.  I will use 2 of them as necklaces and the others I made into ornaments to put on the tree.

My cats got an early Christmas present.  I started making it last night and finished it up today.  Two of the cats LOVE it!
I got some carpet samples and put it on each level and then a strip on the side. Ashley calls it Kitty Kingdom.

Izzy staked her claim in the bottom and wouldn't budge. 
 Lucky crawled in the middle, played with the ball and then went out the little window on the side.

Izzy came out for a little to play with the ball, but then went right back into the bottom and has stayed there most of the night.

We picked up Kiki and put her on the top.  She was less than happy and immediately got down. I think she would have tried out the bottom if Izzy wasn't in it.

Then Lucky decided the top was best for her.  She and Izzy stayed in that for a good long time.

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