Sunday, December 21, 2014

December weekly catch up again!

Today was full of crafting.  I went to Doris' house and left the kids with Greg so I could work on Christmas presents. I found a Groupon for an arcade.  So he took the kids there today. My main project today was to turn this old trunk
into a Minecraft chest for Mason.

I also started making some cat toys but had to finish them up at home because I didn't have any fabric glue with me. But because I had to finish them up at home, my cats were going crazy.  They knew I was making something for them and they insisted on an early Christmas present.

I'm working backwards, yesterday, 4 of us got haircuts.  You can only really tell that Mason did. The woman who cut our hair may have done a fine job but we will not be returning to her for various reasons.

 I didn't get a picture of Ashley.  Maybe I'll get one tomorrow at church.

On Thursday I took the kids to Sky High during the Homeschool hour (1/2 price).  They had a blast!
The foam pit

They all played dodgeball. Ashley was pretty good at it.  She was always one of the last ones standing.
pretty awesome shot!!!

Wednesday, we mostly hung out at home.  Mason had an orthodontist appointment.
Brotherly love!

Tuesday, Ashley made a hovercraft. This was actually a Christmas present I got Aussie last year that he never put together.  Ashley loves crafty things and this was perfect for her!

And I worked on another piece of art
I also worked on a sewing project. I'm hoping to finish it this week.

Monday Ashley had an audition. She is on the waitlist so we don't know if she will get in or not.

Sunday, Greg took the kids rock climbing and to Jenni's (very expensive) ice cream, while I stayed at church for my sewing class.

And this is Lucky. She is the softest cat! She is a much happier cat since Greg put in the cat door. She and Kiki don't really get along. You would think Kiki is the queen but this one came in and took over.

 Very regal! Bed! I have church and sewing class tomorrow!

Monday, December 15, 2014

A very busy week

OK so last week was crazy busy! Here's a quick run down. Last Sunday we had a Christmas party at church.  I walked in and someone immediately came up and asked me to be the official photographer. EEEK..a new camera and I'm already asked to take pictures.  Hey don't get me wrong, I love my camera, but there is a learning curve. And I've had more than my share of a crash course this week. Ashley is the only one who went with me to the party.  Mason probably would've liked to go however he crashed hard and fell asleep.  I tried to wake him but he wasn't waking up.

 Of course I couldn't get Ashley to see Santa, but I'm not too old!

 I'm also not too old to make a gingerbread house.  I was so happy they allowed me to make one!
It is one of Ashley and my favorite things to do at this party!

Tuesday, Ashley and I went to a ladies Christmas party.
I also became the photographer for this party as well.  Unfortunately, it was crowded so I took all the pictures from my seat on the couch. We played dirty Santa.Ashley fell in love with this beaded pillow and stole it.  She got to keep it too.
 I stole this picture and got to keep it.  And as you can tell I already have it hanging up in my family room.

After the party Ashley and I went around our neighborhood and looked at Christmas lights.
This house is the best.  Even the back yard is decorated.

Wednesday, Mason begged to make cookies.

Thursday, Ashley had her first tap performance.  She has been taking a class on Saturdays for about 6 Saturdays.  They learned a dance for one song and they performed it with the Theater Bug's Winter Concert. (Which again I was the official photographer.) Any free time during the week, Ashley and I had been going to Goodwills around town trying to find something for her to wear.  The attire was supposed to be pastel vintage.  We couldn't find anything!  Finally, Wednesday at the 3rd Goodwill we bought a plain gray skirt and plain pastel blue shirt. So I looked up on YouTube and found out how to make a Peter Pan collar and I made it for her shirt.

Then I made some bows and sewed them on her socks.

We also found this lovely dress at Goodwill. Now all she needs is an event to wear it.

Here she is dancing...She did a great job.

So Friday, Ashley had another performance and Mason, Aussie and I went to a Christmas party at the Todhunters.  And well...I must have been pictured out because I didn't take one picture!
But it was super fun!  We had a Dirty Santa present exchange and it was hysterical! You know how most typical dirty Santas open a present or you steal one.  This started out just like that. Then at the very end someone set a timer and no one knew how much time was on the timer.  Then we quickly went through the numbers over and over again.  When your number was called you could either pass or exchange your gift with a gift someone else had. People got faster and faster as time went by because no one knew when the timer would go off and when it went off you were stuck with the gift you had in your hands.  I ended up with a magnetic "paperdoll" Barbie kit, which will end up in Ashley's stocking.  Then the person who got the owl plate that I showed interest in, gave it to me.

Saturday was another busy day, Ashley had 2 performances. I got to sit in one of them and watch.  Then I went home and got the boys and took them to dinner.  I was trying to find a place to eat that was kind of different.  I took them to Waffle House.  We walked in and Aussie wanted to sit at the bar. UGH! OK...we sat at the bar and the waitress decided that I would be her psychologist for the night. I was supposed to be having  nice quality time with my boys but she talked my ear off. She's three months pregnant with her first child...she thinks her boyfriend is going to propose...they want to get married in Jacksonville, Fl...she is in line to have twins...she felt 2 rolls...and she hasn't been to the doctor yet. She called all of us baby in her thick southern voice. Then instead of saying, "now come back y'all." she said, "Come back and see me!"  HA!!

Then we picked up Ashley.  One of her friends took this picture in the lobby.

And today (well officially yesterday) we went to church.  I had a meeting after church and sewing class.  So Greg took the kids to Applebees for lunch. Apparently, that was an interesting adventure. The entire restaurant was intrigued with Aussie solving his cubes.  Two tables requested for him to come to their table and perform.  Anyway, I wasn't there but people gave him money to solve.  He ended up with $7.00. Crazy!
And even though I despise this picture, apparently Mason had a fun time with his Ribs.

And I'll leave you with a picture of my extremely soft cat, Lucky.